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Tramadol Buy Online Usa - Buy Cheap Tramadol Mastercard

Teddy is the young son of Jamie Mascaro, the director of Netbusters. In April of this year, at the age of just 17 months, Teddy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a life-threatening cancer with a poor prognosis. Teddy’s family are raising funds through Solving Kids’ Cancer for treatment which is not available on the NHS, which will require hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Tramadol Buy Online Usa - Buy Cheap Tramadol Mastercard

Our netball leagues may take a break over the Christmas period but that doesn’t mean the netball stops!

We are holding a Netball Fundraiser Tournament for those teams that still want to brave the cold and prove they are the ultimate champions of tournament netball.

On the day there will be a raffle as well as food and drinks and all money raised (including your full entry fee) goes towards Teddy and Solving Kids Cancer.

Places are limited so don’t wait to sign up.  To enter your team please fill out the form below.

Details of the tournament:

  • Mixed and ladies teams both welcome
  • Team Entry only (but no limit on how many players you bring)
  • Date: Sunday 16th December
  • Time: 13:00 – 17:00 (finish time will depend how far you progress)
  • Location: Ferndale Community Sports Centre,  Nursery Road, SW9 8BP
  • Entry Fee: £70.00

Previous Events:

Teddy’s Big Match On Friday 28th September an all day fundraiser was held in the centre of London at Marlborough Sports Garden to raise money for Teddy’s treatment.   Local teams, individuals, businesses, family and friends got together for a day of football, netball and volleyball.  It was an action packed day which saw participants venture into new sports they never thought they would try, which led to flying across the sand of the volleyball court, thundering in a goal inside the football cage before shooting through the hoops on the netball court.

We saw crowned keepy-up champions, netball goal scoring winners and of course the now infamous peg challenge!! There was a raffle with some brilliant prize giveaways all donated for free and a silent auction which saw generous donations to win a signed England shirt, Manchester City Shirt and Chelsea football.

As the sun set on the day everyone enjoyed drinks, food and cakes all of which were kindly donated from various places across London.  The day raised in excess of £4000 all of which goes towards Teddy’s fund.

Thank you to everyone who came out on the day or donated.


You can still donate by clicking the below link.

Tramadol 100Mg Online Overnight