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Balham Monday League

Mon 17 Feb 2020

PoM: Hannah Burnell (KRT (BLACK))
15 14
PoM: Rachel McKay (The Boomerangs (SKY BLUE))
PoM: Sophie Crompton (Goal Diggers (YELLOW))

Mon 24 Feb 2020

PoM: Toni Michelle Russel (Green Giants (RED))
PoM: Donna Rankine (The Boomerangs (SKY BLUE))
PoM: Hannah Burnell (KRT (BLACK))
PoM: Freya Hall (Glamazons (TEAL/GREEN))

Mon 02 Mar 2020

PoM: Rebekah Seevathean (Balham Bullets (RED))
PoM: Freya Hall (Glamazons (TEAL/GREEN))
PoM: Jade Young (Goal Diggers (YELLOW))
PoM: Laura Read (KRT (BLACK))

Mon 09 Mar 2020

PoM: Ruby Callister (Virgin Sevens)
PoM: Helen Bithrey (KRT (BLACK))
PoM: Liz Sawyer (The Boomerangs (SKY BLUE))
PoM: Felicity Roberts (Balham Bullets (RED))

Mon 21 Jun 2021

PoM: Lauren Morgan (Spice Goals (RED))
PoM: Jessica Roycroft (Goal Diggers (YELLOW))
PoM: Georgie Stevenson (Green Giants (RED))